The Internet is the lever that will raise women’s status in society as they gain more knowledge, create more networks and access more resources.

Particularly for women of this region, where mobility is limited and cumbersome, the Internet can harness that latent power that women at home can build on. Not just in terms of them contributing to opinion and expanding their civic sense, but also towards e-commerce and adding to the narrative of women’s journey towards empowerment.

With the unbanning of You Tube in Pakistan and a growing awareness of digital rights, women are positioned to ride the wave of knowledge that this digital library offers.

The only barrier is digital literacy and we are ready to start contributing to this growing space of digital rights workers. When it comes to the Internet, access is not enough, we need to work just as hard in protecting women from harassment and violence which is just as prevalent online as it is offline. Our work in this area will include, but not be limited to advocacy and training.