Pakistan remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world for a woman to give birth. Women across Pakistan die daily while giving birth. Mother and child health remains a neglected and underfunded area in the country. This needs to be urgently reversed – maternal health should be at the core of any women’s empowerment’s efforts.

The growing number of women in rural communities without access to reproductive health, or a basic understanding of their reproductive health indicates to us how hollow our notions of progress on women’s empowerment are, as a nation. We need to talk about the elephant in the room. Womens sexual rights not just their reproductive rights. Women’s sexuality is largely tied to them being mothers. We advocate for women being in control of their sexual rights.

When girls / women marry too young, conceive too early, have limited birth space, the impact on their health continues through their life. A woman being chronically anaemic and unwell impacts her mental health. Many women with acute psychological disorders go untreated and as a result become poor care-givers. With future generations at stake, mothers need access to nutrition, healthcare and a deep knowledge of reproductive rights. WAH will make this narrative a part of the women’s rights agenda everywhere.